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Bruxism Treatment (Teeth Grinding)

Bruxism (or teeth grinding) affects approximately one in four adults and can lead to distressing symptoms such as an aching jaw, headaches, gum problems, eroded tooth enamel, lost fillings and loose teeth. It is estimated that the force used when you grind your teeth is 20 times greater than that used to bite or chew.

The causes of bruxism

Although the causes of bruxism are not fully known, it is likely that stress and anxiety cause some tightness in the jaw that can progress to teeth grinding. It can also be triggered by some antidepressants. In the past, successful treatment of bruxism was hit and miss and you may have had no choice but to wear a mouthguard, suffer in silence or learn stress management techniques.

A potential solution

The good news is that for Bruxism treatment we can now use Botox injections to offer substantial relief; in most cases, the condition disappears altogether. This is because this teeth grinding treatment enables us to target and relax the muscles that work the jaw. If teeth grinding is affecting your life, Botox injections may well offer a solution. We will only know by seeing you in person to discuss your individual case.

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