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Thinning Lips

Our genes dictate if we are born with a fuller mouth – so it is a simple case of DNA if you have always had thinner lips or more of a full pout. Whichever applies, you may notice your lips start to become thinner and more lined with age as collagen diminishes. Given the prominence of your mouth and the impact of a good smile, it is an area we are frequently asked to rejuvenate.

A fresher, plumper appearence

Simple preventative measures can help to preserve lip condition and shape – for example, keeping them moisturised with a product which targets the lip area and using SPF when you’re exposed to sunlight. To actually enhance your thinning lips, however, dermal filler is generally used – safely and effectively – to restore fullness, adding volume and definition. Lip injections may also be used to re-establish symmetry or your cupid’s bow and to reduce fine lines around the mouth. Marionette lines – the ‘sad’ lines which run downward from the mouth – are also a common area to treat.

Administered by registered doctors

With any cosmetic injectable treatment, such as lip filler, it is vital to find a reputable, highly-skilled medical practitioner who administers only proven, well-respected products. Our doctors are experts in this field and will happily talk through their approach to achieve facial harmony and a natural (even undetectable) result, if that is your desired outcome. We appreciate how important it is to research this sort of treatment prior to committing so are always delighted to discuss your hopes for treatment and any questions you may have.

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