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Menopausal Skin

We lose around 30% of our collagen around menopause and such dramatic changes in our skin can feel really challenging. Even from our late thirties onwards, collagen, elastin and fat can start to diminish. We typically enter perimenopause in our late forties – on average four years before actual menopause – as our reproductive organs produce fewer hormones (progesterone and oestrogen). This brings about a number of key changes, the most obvious external one being that our skin tone and elasticity noticeably alter; our skin condition may change too, becoming drier or inflamed.

A personal treatment plan

Symptoms vary so much but everyone will experience a substantial loss of collagen over the decade or so from pre- to post-menopause. The resulting sudden menopausal skin ageing can be really frustrating – you still feel young so would like your face to reflect that, particularly if you are leading a busy professional and / or personal life. Physical discomfort can be alleviated by treatments such as BHRT and we offer many other gold-standard treatments for skin too – to tackle dryness, irritation, lines and wrinkles and hormonal breakouts. Treatments and skincare are effective (yet gentle) and specifically target these issues, including lines around the eyes and mouth, sagging skin, loss of definition and thinning lips.

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