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Inflammation & Pain

Inflammation refers to the process our bodies undergo in a bid to fight off harmful entities, such as stress, illness or infection, injury or toxic substances. As cellular damage occurs, our bodies release chemicals which cause our immune system to fight back. So many of us are managing physical issues and, whilst we may be coping outwardly, the inflammation and / or pain we are dealing with can have a significant effect on our lives, impacting our work performance, sleep patterns and personal relationships – and even how we age, potentially accelerating the ageing process.

Our relationship with pain

Pain is perceived when a message is sent by our sensory nerve receptors to the brain and is processed as discomfort, causing the body to react and therefore avoid further damage. It may be a sharp, one-off sensation or dull, persistent pain – at its worst, a chronic issue and very debilitating. Once managed only by medication, our understanding of pain and inflammation has improved immeasurably – not least of the physical and mental side effects from dealing with pain long term. Gentler treatment protocols have emerged, from talking therapies and meditation to technologies to reduce pain and inflammation.

Optimising your health

At Waterhouse Young, we strive to ensure you look and feel your best, helping you to optimise your health. We constantly evaluate emerging treatment options and are interested in innovations which safely and effectively tackle stressors on the body which cause ageing, aches, pains and general physical distress. We have increased our wellbeing treatment portfolio in recent years and given hope to patients who were accustomed to no longer feeling themselves but not unwell enough to seek help. ‘Wellness’ is a new area for many and we are happy to discuss how such treatments work and what issues we have seen patients overcome.

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