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Seqex magnetic therapy is a revolutionary electromedical device used to help treat various medical concerns whilst offering supreme health and healing benefits. The science of electromagnetic fields and ICR-like technologies is well-known and the healing potential of this technology is based on years of research. Electromagnetic fields that are similar in intensity and frequency to the geomagnetic field (GMF) can be used safely to promote health and wellbeing.


Seqex is proven to have a profound effect on our overall wellness thanks to its ability to reduce inflammation, induce a muscle-relaxant effect and contribute to improving microcirculation, alleviating aches, pains, stress and sleep disorders. Seqex technology cleverly generates electromagnetic fields, whose characteristics are compatible to the GMF, resulting in optimum healing. Here at Waterhouse Young, we are thrilled to offer this innovative treatment – which is CE approved and FDA listed – as a solution to a range of health issues.


Seqex is clinically proven and approved for Arthrosis, Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Arthritis, Tendonitis, localised and generalised pain and any inflammatory disorders. We also use it to assist with overall wellbeing and wellness, helping with any aches, pains, stress and sleep disorders. Seqex helps to promote harmony and balance for overall internal rejuvenation and optimal health. The treatment is delivered by lying on a bed which administers waves of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) consistently for 36 minutes. The treatment is not painful or uncomfortable, although some initial intensity in any problematic areas may be experienced for a short time. If you have a condition then we’d recommend 2/3 treatments per week to reduce / alleviate symptoms. Reports show noticeable changes can be expected within the first 6 or 7 treatments although most patients notice a difference after their first treatment.

Benefits of Seqex


Improved sleep

Improved cognitive function

Reduced inflammation

Weight loss

At a glance


Anaesthetic required

30 minutes

Appointment time



10-15 mins


3-4 months

Frequency of treatment

Conditions Treated

Inflammation & pain




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Seqex (PEMF) Therapy Treatment Guide & FAQs

Seqex is suitable for everyone at any age unless you have a pacemaker or are epileptic (or taking anti-epileptic medication). People have generally been more attuned to seeking treatment when they have a medical condition or chronic pain which affects their daily lives. However, in this current day where there has been a huge shift in wellness and being accountable for our own health, more and more people are seeking ways to optimise health and prevent disease. The most obvious and easiest ways are to look at what we eat and drink, give up smoking and minimise the stress in our lives but that can only do so much.

With the help of Seqex, we can also promote internal rejuvenation at a cellular level and this is quite incredible. The majority of disease is caused by inflammation so, if we can reduce the inflammatory process, we are giving ourselves a huge helping hand to prevent disease in the future. Seqex increases the functionality of every single cell and ultimately optimises health for you. It’s clinically proven (CE approved and FDA listed) for use to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress and pain. It energises your cells, balances every system of your body – just like a battery needs recharging, so do we.

Following a consultation to discuss your health needs we will determine which programme combination is best for you. During treatment you lie on the Seqex bed (fully clothed) and ‘sink’ into the treatment.

Each session lasts for 36 minutes during which time we will give you a comfy blanket and play relaxing music. If nothing else you’ll have 36 minutes of rest and relaxation (no phones allowed) but once the session starts you’ll notice various sensations travelling through your body as the frequencies get to work.

Seqex can be used to help many medical conditions and is CE approved for Arthritis, Tendonitis, Osteoarthritis, Sciatica, Pain and Inflammation. It helps to balance all systems within the body.

At the same time, it promotes relaxation and sleep, boosts energy and detoxifies the body. Seqex works at cellular level and helps to balance all the systems of the body to optimise your health.

As Seqex is working at a cellular level, you won’t necessarily feel anything happen during the treatment apart from a very deep relaxation and some possible tingling. Since most people go by a ‘no pain, no gain’ motto, this can make it hard to accept that anything is actually happening, but it is.

Firstly, there are many clinical studies which prove the benefits of pulse electrode magnetic therapy and Seqex certainly wouldn’t have CE approval and FDA listing without this. If you have pain, you will notice a reduction in discomfort, even if the pain does not go completely. You will notice a greater range of movement, more fluidity and less stiffness. Sleep will improve, as will brain function. Your immune system will become stronger. If you exercise a lot you will notice an increase in performance as well as faster recovery. We are individual, no two bodies are the same and we will all respond differently. The only given is that you will feel better.

Seqex is the world’s first full body PEMF device which induces a phenomenon known as ion cyclotron resonance. This essentially means that cells become more permeable allowing them to be more active and optimised.

The effect is increased oxygen flow and cells that are able to move more freely to absorb what they need to repair and restore the body. SEQEX reduces inflammation and encourages circulation, two actions which help the body become more efficient at healing and restoring itself.

No. Seqex is a mat which you lie on. Each treatment programme lasts for 36 minutes (9 times 4 minute cycles). There are various customised programmes that we will help you choose based on your current health/feeling. All programmes are deeply relaxing and this is a time to rest and unwind. If you have chronic pain, you may feel some intensity in this area but this will soon settle.

Most people notice a difference after one treatment, however after 6 treatments you will really feel the benefits. Ideally these 6 treatments would be taken within a two-week period.

We will discuss during your consultation the best course of treatment for you – we can put 100% energy through the mat so you lie there alone in peace or we can run the energy through the splitter in order to use an accelerator probe i.e. then a member of our team would be with you. The accelerator probe is used to target specific areas of pain or to treat acupressure points.

You stay fully clothed during treatment. We suggest that you take off your shoes.

Yes. You can carry on as normal after treatment. We advise you to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol that day.

Individual sessions are £150 or we run a course of 12 treatments for £900 (£75 each) which must be used within 6 weeks as best results are felt by having 2-3 treatments per week. For those with specific concerns, it is definitely worth considering purchasing an at-home device to use each day for maximum benefit.

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