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Male Skin

Structurally, male and female skin is pretty similar but there are differences which mean that our complexions vary in appearance. The biggest difference is collagen variance: men’s skin is firmer and thicker due to its higher collagen density and collagen reduces in men at a constant rate over the years (whilst women tend to see a dramatic acceleration in collagen loss once they reach mid-life).

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Signs of ageing therefore tend to be visible later in men but may be unwelcome, nonetheless – from sagging skin, tired or puffy eyes and dark circles to deep-set wrinkles. Men also have higher testosterone levels so, typically, skin will be oilier with more breakouts as it has a greater number of (and larger) sebaceous glands and pores. Male skin is often sensitive as well, with up to 40% of men suffering from shaving-related issues. The key is to understand your particular skin type and how it is faring and then to tackle any issues with an appropriately tailored skin care regime, with treatments and / or products designed to tackle your specific concerns.

Whatever your skin concern, your first step is to have a consultation with one of our aesthetic doctors to discuss your skin and any relevant medical and lifestyle history. We’ll perform a Visia computerised skin analysis to assess the layers of your skin, examining pores, wrinkles, texture, sun damage, pigmentation, red areas, spots and bacteria. Armed with this information, we’ll make recommendations to help correct any issues, prevent further damage and maintain overall skin health. The sooner you begin a routine bespoke to your specific needs, the better the outcome – from basic skin care and daily sun protection to targeted treatments.

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