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HydraFacial Combinations

The following treatments combine our immensely popular HydraFacial with other treatments to maximise results.


HydraFacials generate, deservedly, more media hype than any other treatment. A red-carpet favourite, this super-advanced, medical-grade facial instantly produces firmer, more radiant skin, as it resurfaces, deep cleanses, exfoliates, plumps and hydrates. Incorporating hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and red LED light, it boosts collagen and elastin, nourishes skin and produces an immediately noticeable, healthy glow.

£250 / treatment


This treatment combines the HydraFacial with radio-frequency to tighten the skin (cheeks and jawline) by stimulating collagen and elastin production. A very relaxing treatment with no down-time which delivers amazing, immediate results that continue to improve for months after the completion of treatments.

£400 / treatment


Relax in a mechanical massage suit while you have full body lymphatic drainage at the same time as a HydraFacial. This gentle, relaxing massage first drains the lymph nodes – as they tend to be filled with fluid – to pave the way for an enhanced circulation of lymph. An incredibly relaxing treatment combination which also boosts circulation and removes toxins to reduce cellulite. You will leave sprightly and detoxified with glowing skin.

£350 / treatment


Combines the HydraFacial with the Intraceuticals Atoxelene Infusion to the delicate eye area, ensuring your whole face is fully rejuvenated. Atoxelene is a powerful combination of vitamins and antioxidants in addition to Argireline (nature’s answer to Botox) which hydrate and smooth away lines.

£350 / treatment


To refine pores and reduce lines, wrinkles, acne and pigmentation, try a HydraFacial with an Obagi Radiance Peel. A unique blend of acids gently and effectively peels the skin with minimal to no downtime. The result is smoother, tighter and brighter skin.

£325 / treatment


Experience the ultimate in relaxation with a soothing HydraZen treatment. We begin by inserting ultra-fine acupuncture needles in your ears to instil a sense of calm and balance, before administering a HydraFacial to deep cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. In just over an hour, skin looks brand new and any anxiety is as good as gone.

£275 / treatment

When you book a course of five treatments we will treat you to a complimentary sixth treatment.

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