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Are you bothered by your Zoom face?

Zoom face

As we continue to spend hours each day on video chat for work and leisure, many of us have still not got used to gazing at our Zoom face. Seriously: does anyone like how they look on a video call? Here’s the science behind why so many of us are bothered by our Zoom face…

One of the reasons is technology. If you’re using a desktop computer, even a relatively new one, the front-facing camera won’t help you look your best. Psychologist Yvonne Roberts explains: “People often find themselves much more unattractive than usual. The front-facing camera is an extreme wide-angle, which can cause shadows around the eyes and nose, highlight one’s facial imperfections like blemishes and wrinkles and add enough bloating that it can look like one has a double chin.”

The other reason you find your Zoom face uncomfortable is because it’s not the face you’re used to seeing in the mirror. All your contours and lumps are flipped – the opposite of what you see in your reflection. Ironically, on video chat, you’re seeing yourself exactly the way others see you. 

The final reason is what’s called “confirmation bias”. Your brain is constantly looking for signs that support what it believes to be true, and this aligns with your self-esteem. Unfortunately that means that if you are self-conscious about your appearance on video and think you look goofy, that’s all you’ll see.

So how do we learn to love our Zoom face? We suggest that, instead of focussing on your flaws, concentrate on the features you love. Highlight your strong points, like beautiful eyes, with make-up or glamorous glasses. If that doesn’t work for you, many video-conferencing apps let you turn off self-view altogether.

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