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Ask the expert: How do you treat dehydrated skin?

Treat your skin to some post-summer TLC

After the summer there’s a good chance that you’ll be experiencing dehydrated skin. Travel, holidays and the warm weather can zap your skin of its moisture reserves and clog up pores, leaving it looking and feeling dull and lifeless. And central heating will be taking its toll soon too! Follow our advice here to help repair your skin (and read our other blogs on holiday skin – preventative measures to prepare and care for your skin to prevent long-lasting damage from hot weather on your next trip).

Is your skin dehydrated?

Dehydrated skin can be tight, flaky and sore; it isn’t lacking in oil, though, as dry skin is, but in water. Dehydrated skin can be brought back to life through a bespoke skin-care regime. Dehydrated skin is often mistaken for dry skin and is treated incorrectly with rich moisturisers that cause breakouts. It is important you identify your skin’s needs and address them correctly to ensure your skin’s thirst is quenched.

Identifying dehydrated skin:

  • Dull complexion
  • Fine lines and wrinkles visible
  • Temporarily plumped after a shower
  • Rough and Tight feeling
  • Itchy
  • Moisturiser causes spots

Keep hydrated:

The heat of the summer can cause many problems for the skin, including dehydration and its associated side effects. Warmer temperatures demand extra hydration, inside and out, so it’s important to increase fluid intake to hydrate from within. But this isn’t the only way to ensure the skin stays plump and smooth: a series of hydrating facial treatments, a healthy diet rich in antioxidants plus a good skin care regime are vital and can boost your skin’s vitality, keeping it looking fresh.

Product recommendation:

To boost hydration, use Rejuvenated H30 Hydration and H30 Night repair supplements: they provide all the key minerals and ions to maintain super healthy, hydrated cells and glowing skin. They also contain high strength reservatrol – “the super antioxidant” – to protect your cells as well as hyaluronic acid to hold moisture within your skin.

To speak to one of our experts for advice about your own skin or any of these treatments in particular, call 020 7486 3849.