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Autumn Radiance – Eliminating Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Eliminating Skin Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Often, we use the term “laughter lines” to refer to those fine lines and wrinkles that appear as we get older, and it’s true that, when you have animated facial expressions, more lines begin to form on your face, and the more you smile, the more wrinkles you’ll begin to form around your mouth and eyes as your skin ages.

Each time you form an expression that causes the face to move, you’re wearing down the elastin and collagen in the skin and eventually, a wrinkle will form.

Of course, nobody would want to stop smiling and laughing to preserve a wrinkle-free complexion and having treatments to rid yourself of those personality traits just isn’t necessary. However, if your “laughter lines” are starting to become prominent, even when you’re feeling relaxed, it might be time to consider having some treatment to restore your self-confidence and a more youthful look.

There are many different treatments available that purport to hold back the hands of time, reducing visible signs of ageing, and even preventing lines from forming. So here, we take a look at two treatments that you might want to consider, finding out what each one involves and whether it’s right for your needs.

Botox® Is The Top Non-Surgical Wrinkle Treatment

Almost everyone has heard of Botox®, even if they’ve never tried this effective wrinkle-prevention treatment. It is the most frequently used treatment for relaxing the muscles and preventing lines from forming. Botox® works to block the nerve activity within the muscles, causing their movement to be temporarily reduced, thus softening the lines and preventing them from getting worse.

It isn’t too surprising that Botox® treatments are so popular. After all, as Dr. Toni at Waterhouse Young Clinic says:

Despite all the incredible aesthetic advances, Botox® continues to remain the number one non- surgical treatment for a reason; usually pain free, no downtime, and most importantly, it works extremely well.”

Botox® anti-wrinkle injections are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to achieve a more rested and youthful look. Both effective and safe, this treatment can be tailored to the needs of each individual patient to produce the most natural-looking results.

Profhilo As An Alternative To Botox®

Botox® may be the best-known anti-wrinkle injectable treatment, but it isn’t the only option that you can choose from. Profhilo is another injectable treatment that can prevent, correct, and combat those tell-tale signs of aging.

Profhilo injections are made from hyaluronic acid and contain no added chemicals. As a result, it is unreactive and extremely safe. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found inside the body; it’s our bodies own moisturiser.

Unfortunately, we are only born with a specific amount and over time this depletes. As a result, volume is lost and wrinkles and lines begin to form.

Hyaluronic acid has the unique property of being able to hold a thousand times it’s own weight in water, and while there are some other aesthetic treatments and products which help to restore this lost hydration, the most effective way is to inject Profhilo due to its very high concentration of hyaluronic acid.

As well as restoring lost hydration, Profhilo also has the ability to induce collagen and elastin stimulation. Profhilo therefore helps to give the skin more structure and tighten the skin.

Unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo will not change your appearance. Once it has been injected into the subcutaneous skin layer it will disperse and integrate into the tissue. In turn, this restores hydration and over time will stimulate elastin and collagen production to restore a youthful and dewy complexion.

Which Treatment Is Right For Me?

Firstly, please don’t worry, we do not expect you to make this decision by yourself. The first step is always to have a consultation with one of our aesthetic doctors to determine what your concerns are and to discuss the most suitable treatment option for you. In this case, it could be Botox®, Profhilo or indeed something else, depending on your individual assessment.

Essentially, if your main goal is to address the “expressive” lines that have formed around your forehead and eyes, Botox® anti-wrinkle injections could be perfect for you. They will reduce the movement in this area temporarily and prevent the wrinkling from getting worse while also smoothing out and reducing the appearance of the lines that you already have.

On the other hand, if you would like to address your lower or mid-face areas, Profhilo injections may be the best choice for you to restore hydration and tighten the skin – essentially giving your skin more “bounce”. Profhilo can also be used to improve the condition of your skin in other areas including your hands, neck and decolletage.

Both treatments are very safe and effective, involving a 30-minute appointment, however Profhilo injections have a slightly longer downtime of up to 24 hours, whereas the downtime for Botox® injections is just 10-15 minutes. You may experience slightly more discomfort from a Profhilo injection too – the sensation has been described as being similar to a bee sting however, this is only temporary.

You will need two Profhilo injections, with approximately one month between them. Meanwhile, Botox® treatments will need repeating after 3-4 months to maintain the result.

Botox® treatment prices begin at £350 while a course of Profhilo injections for the face is £900.

Are There Any Ways To Enhance The Results Of My Treatment?

Although both Botox® and Profhilo injections can produce excellent anti-ageing results as stand-alone treatments, they can also be combined with other options to enhance your outcome. For example, you may wish to have a skin peel such as the Obagi Radiance Peel in conjunction with your injections. The Obagi Radiance Peel will give you a visible, instant glow thanks to its ability to refine the pores and reduce fine wrinkles and lines for a fresh, radiant and renewed look and feel.

You can also use high-quality skincare products to aid the recovery of your skin after your treatment and to give it an enhanced rejuvenating boost. AllSkin Med Regenerating Ampoules are a great choice to boost skin regeneration and repair. You can benefit from our special offer of 2 Obagi Radiance Peels and 2 Profhilo injections for just £1200 – a saving of £200. Get in touch today to find out more.