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Can I use the same skincare on my body?

Our skin is our largest organ but it is not the same throughout.

Each body area has different qualities and the skin differs accordingly. The thickness varies as does the pH and microbiome.

Hence, we would not recommend using the same product on your body as you do on your face.

When choosing products be mindful of what you are trying to achieve and most importantly don’t overdo it.

It’s easy to step into a store and fall in love with the scents, packaging, claims and sales spiel.
However, are these actually the correct products for your specific skin type.

Take time to consider your concerns for example if you have oily skin avoid occlusive moisturisers or if you have sensitive skin don’t multi mask with harsh acids.

We all want a healthy, glowing complexion but sometimes what we are using can do the exact opposite.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about what to consider with skincare products as well as the fundamentals of skin maintenance.

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