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How do hormone levels affect your skin?

Vitally important hormone fluctuates throughout your life. What may not be obvious is that your collagen levels follow suit.

Oestrogen – one of the key hormones for women – plays a major role in skin quality as it supports collagen production by binding to receptors in the skin known as fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are responsible for producing important proteins: collagen (gives skin its strength and flexibility) and elastin (allows skin to stretch and spring back) so, as as your oestrogen levels drop ( eg up to, during and post-menopause), your collagen and elastin production decreases along with it.

All is not lost! From your late 20s onwards it pays to be aware of what preventative measures you can take and, later on, there are also things you can do to preserve your supplies and even reclaim what your skin has lost.

Read our deeper dive into how hormonal changes impact your skin:

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