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How to get your glow back

Get your glow back

We’re finally out of lockdown, but the last few months may have taken their toll on our appearance. Dull, lifeless skin is a problem right up there with grey roots, chipped nails and unwanted facial hair.

Hopefully you’ve managed to book your salon appointments, so now it’s time to work on getting your glow back. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best treatments for glow-getting, as well as give you some tips that don’t cost a penny.

What’s happened to our skin over lockdown?

Firstly, “lockdown skin” really is a thing. Lots of us have been feeling stressed and anxious during lockdown and this worry takes a physical toll on our skin. When we’re stressed, we produce cortisol, which creates excess oil and causes inflammation. Stress also disrupts our sleep, which is quickly reflected in our skin. And the extra sugar in that much-needed glass of wine or cheeky bar of chocolate can lead to breakouts. 

As well as stress and diet, being at home means we’ve been spending more time on electronic devices. Tablets, phones and computer screens all create damaging radiation which affects our skin. The blue light emitted by these devices is a particular problem. Although research is ongoing, it’s thought that blue light can disrupt the circadian rhythm of skin cells and so throw your skin’s regenerative cycle out of balance. Exposing skin to blue light can produce visible skin change, including redness and pigmentation.

It’s no wonder so many of us are now suffering from spots, dry patches, dullness or greasy skin.

How can I fix my dry, lifeless skin at home?

Ensure your skincare routine includes gentle exfoliation. Your skin will remain dull and congested if you don’t remove the excess dirt and grease at the end of each day. We recommend the Obagi Professional C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask. This two-in-one product allows you to supercharge your skincare regime at home. A light layer, left on for 15 minutes, refines your complexion and restores radiance, unveiling dramatically brighter, more luminous skin.

Don’t forget the basics: get enough sleep, do some exercise, drink lots of water and eat your greens! If you’re feeling stressed, try mediation. At Waterhouse Young, we’re big fans of the book Stress Less, Accomplish More: The 15-Minute Meditation Programme for Extraordinary Performance. You could also try Calm or Headspace for short, guided meditations which are easy to fit into a busy day.

This time around, we’ve suffered the double whammy of lockdown plus winter, and vitamin D supplements can be helpful if you’ve suffered from a lack of sunshine. However, don’t throw caution to the wind now you’re free again! Ensure exposed skin is protected with a decent quality sunscreen while you’re sipping rosé in your local beer garden. We stock a number of highly effective sunscreens from brands including ZO Skin Health and Heliocare, so please ask for advice. Even if you’re not in the sun, or even outdoors, skincare with SPF should be used, as it protects against blue light damage and pollution. 

What in-clinic treatments would you recommend for dull skin?

One of the most effective ways to treat dull, lifeless skin is with a HydraFacial treatment.  HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin resurfacing and rejuvenating treatment which combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection. It gives instant results and needs no aftercare.

HydraFacial is ideal for treating fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and oily and acne-prone skin. Soothing and moisturising, the HydraFacial leaves you with hydrated skin and a visibly radiant appearance.

How can I restore volume and hydration to my skin?

Profhilo is an injectable treatment which restores hydration and increases collagen. It gives a youthfulness that no other injectable treatment can. Made from pure hyaluronic acid, it works by engaging the body’s receptors to induce the stimulation of collagen.

Not only does Profhilo replace lost hydration, it’s also clinically proven to minimise the signs of skin ageing by stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin. This improves skin quality and pore texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and has a remodelling effect.

We’re currently offering a post-lockdown Spring package which combines our amazing HydraFacial treatment with Profhilo to give an instant glow to tired, stressed skin. We’d be happy to discuss this or other suitable treatments with you, so please do get in touch with our team