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How to treat the skin on the decolletage / chest

Exposing a little more skin eg the décolletage as the heat rises makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. A commonly neglected area, the décolletage has thinner skin with fewer sebaceous glands than other areas, as well as fewer melanocytes (the cells that naturally protect the skin from UV rays). It is therefore prone to sun damage and premature ageing.

A good broad spectrum SPF is therefore a must, targeted skincare (eg with vitamin C or retinol) can he helpful and covering this delicate area when possible is also a good idea. You’re far from alone if you have already spotted some skin issues here, though, but fortunately there are options, if you would like to improve this more vulnerable skin.

Depending on how your skin in this area is faring, micro-needling, radiofrequency or skin boosters (to improve the skin from the inside out) like Profhilo or – newer generation aesthetic treatment – polynucleotides can be effective.

Chat to us or your own skin doctor / practitioner for advice.

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