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Introducing…revolutionary non-surgical facelift with ongoing collagen boost

Introducing the Silhouette Soft effect

Waterhouse Young are delighted to announce that we have added the ultimate non-surgical facial lifting technique with Silhouette Soft® to our treatment menu. This unique treatment that uses re-absorbable poly-l-lactic acid threads to gently lift the tissue in areas where there is mild to moderate loss of elasticity and subsequent sagging of the skin, for a beautifully soft and natural effect. Alongside an immediate lifting effect, Silhouette Soft® offers a gradual collagen regenerating effect to maintain volume and improve skin quality.

This high-quality treatment bridges the gap between injectable treatments and surgical techniques and is a suitable option for those who want to achieve a natural lift without going under the knife. Areas that can be treated include the jawline, mid-face, jowls, neck and brow, depending on clinical indication.

Treatment with Silhouette Soft® can be used in combination with other treatments such as dermal fillers to optimise results. The Silhouette Soft® threads will gradually dissolve over a period of 12 months, however the secondary collagen regenerative effect maintains natural result and skin rejuvenation.

The Silhouette Soft® procedure is administered under local anaesthesia and can be performed in under an hour at the clinic. There is minimal to no discomfort associated with the procedure and minimal downtime (5 days) so you should be able to resume normal daily activities almost immediately.

In the first instance, you will be invited for a medical consultation. As an experienced aesthetic doctor, I will discuss your areas of concern with you, assess your face and neck to plan the treatment and, importantly, ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the Silhouette Soft® lift. We’ll work with you to create the very best treatment plan, to optimise your overall skin health and boost collagen stimulation prior to your Silhouette Soft treatment, ensuring that you achieve the absolute best results possible.

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Waterhouse Young is one of London’s first medical aesthetic clinics, founded by renowned cosmetic surgeon, Norman Waterhouse – former President of the BAAPS. Based in the Harley Street medical district, WY contributes regularly to the media, from Vogue, Tatler, Vanity Fair and Elle to The Times. WY’s longstanding team offers advice and  non-surgical treatments to maintain optimum skin and overall health. 

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