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Male grooming – where to invest your time & money

How to choose from the vast array of male grooming products and services on the market

What to try, read, watch and buy…Duncan, our Client Director, shares his advice about getting great skin. What works for him personally and for clients with whom he’s worked for over a decade?

Skincare essential?

SkinCeuticals AOX Eye Gel is a must-have in my routine as is StriVectin Retinol Night Treatment.

Skincare regime?

Morning routine: Cleanse, antioxidant eye gel, vitamin C, exfoliating serum, hydrator and SPF50

Evening: Cleanse, eye cream, night-time antioxidant

Have your own skincare or beg, borrow or steal from partners?

The most important thing is to use skincare which targets your own specific skin – a good product regime is bespoke, according to skin type and condition. Men’s skin is not the same as women’s but of course skin varies in many other ways – your and your male or female partner’s skin will probably be very different. If you have dry skin with pigmentation and he or she has oily skin with enlarged pores, clearly you require skincare which tackles these differing features. That said, there are also products which are fairly universal so you may be able to share them. Heliocare XF Gel SPF 50 works well for all skin types while Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Gel is a great serum for all and for men, particularly, because, aside from the benefits of its natural protection against environmental aggressors, it’s very soothing for skin after shaving.

Favourite treatment?


HydraFacial for instant results – brightening, plumping and deep cleansing

EndyMedPRO FSR for skin resurfacing, tightening and targeting pigmentation

Grooming mantra?

If I only had one product to use, it would be sun protection SPF 50.

Best advice for great skin?

A bespoke skincare regime which you put together with your aesthetic doctor or other skincare professional – see a doctor if you can for their specialist dermatology knowledge. Dr Saira is great as you learn so much because she explains about your skin in an easily digestible way.

Also, again, sorry! Factor 50 sunblock daily – come rain or shine.

A combination of treatments – regular medical facials, and very conservative doses of injectable treatments, if appropriate.

Aside from that, lots of water and minimal sugar intake. It’s good to learn how nutrition affects your skin too.

Quickest fix for skin?

For instant results, the HydraFacial is a fantastic medical treatment for glowing skin. You’ll hear this time and again but it’s true. I see it every day.

Who’s best for male grooming know-how?

Jim Chapman’s YouTube channel is good for all things fashion and grooming.

I also read around a lot and check out what the top stores are selling as keeping up with trends and new products is important in my work. Liberty is a favourite for great quality, for example, stylish shaving accessories or fragrance. And EsquireGQ and Men’s Health are good for keeping up-to-date on male grooming. There are some interesting blogs too, such as Ape to Gentleman which launched to provide informative and engaging writing on male grooming then evolved to become a resource for men on topics from food and travel to technology.

Male clients’ most common concern / condition?

Overall quality of skin – clarity and loss of elasticity, as well as unwanted hair (particularly on their back).

Treatments for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) – these are particularly popular with City workers who suffer with embarrassing sweat patches.

Dermal fillers are also really popular, to add volume to areas of the face where elasticity has reduced.

Most popular skincare products for male clients?

SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense serum, SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex, Heliocare sun protection

As the focus on overall wellbeing increases in society, men have become a lot more curious about skincare. There is much less embarrassment around this and an understanding that, if you look well and healthy, this positively impacts your overall wellbeing.

Best ways to boost overall wellbeing?

Regular exercise, time for yourself and a clean and balanced diet – particularly cutting down on meat and sugar.

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