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Preparing your skin for the colder months ahead

While the summer sun is shining, it can be easy to forget the impending cold months. Find out how to prepare and take care of your skin this winter in our latest blog.

Fix That Sun Damage

Ask anyone and they’re likely to agree, we’ve had a pretty hot summer this year. With temperatures soaring up to the 30s, our skin has been through a lot whether that’s sweat, dehydration or, you guessed it, sun damage. The sun might be great to lay in while we desperately try to tan up, but without the proper care, sun damage is very much possible and if you’ve been unlucky enough to suffer this year, it could be time for a treatment or two. We suggest the EndyMedPro 3DEEP or Genuine Dermaroller Therapy and eDS Skin Rejuvenation treatments. The EndyMedPro 3DEEP can help not only brighten your skin, but tighten it too. Through the stimulation of collagen and elastin production, your skin will be looking fresh and ready by the time winter rolls around.

Genuine Dermaroller Therapy and eDS Skin Rejuvenation are designed to help your skin repair itself and regenerate naturally through needling procedures. These treatments can help fix acne scars, skin which has been impacted by long-term exposure to the sun and even ageing to give you a glow during colder months.

Get A Winter Glow With PCA Peel

With the sun beating down on you, you’ll be forgiven for looking a little on the tired side when we start to descend into rainy days and cold nights. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a look you rock all winter – our PCA Peels are designed entirely to suit you and work as a skin resurfacing treatment for anti-ageing, pore reduction, hyperpigmentation, acne and scarring. Winter air can be relentlessly drying and acne is a common issue but the PCA Peel can help reduce this too, so this could be the treatment for you if you know you’re prone to spotty skin in cold weather.

Rejuvenate And Hydrate With A HydraFacial

HydraFacials are another skin resurfacing treatment designed to help cleanse, exfoliate and completely rejuvenate your skin after months of sticky summer heat. Through extraction and hydration, these facials are a great way to give yourself a whole new glow ready for winter’s festive season and can even tighten your complexion for a radiant but perfectly plump look.
This treatment is non-invasive too, so the downtime is essentially non-existent. With Waterhouse Young, you’ll get the chance to relax after your treatments. We recommend six weeks of one treatment a week, and after this, you’ll be good to go for winter!

Keep Up The Home Treatments

As with any skincare rejuvenation treatment, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands at home! While we can help you rejuvenate and tighten up summer-sagged skin, there are a number of things you need to do at home to keep your skin in great condition, especially with the oncoming cold weather. Balanced diets willed with plenty of fruits and vegetables and, of course, enough water to keep yourself hydrated are great places to start but you also need to protect your skin with a light SPF, even when the sun tucks itself back behind those all-too-familiar clouds.

Autumn and Winter might be on their way, but your skin really doesn’t have to suffer just because the weather is changing. Treating yourself to a treatment to get a new glow and making sure you take care of your skin while at home can help you ensure that you’re well on your way to well-kept skin this winter.

Waterhouse Young is one of London’s first medical aesthetic clinics, founded by renowned cosmetic surgeon, Norman Waterhouse – former President of the BAAPS. Based in the Harley Street medical district, WY contributes regularly to the media, from Vogue, Tatler, Vanity Fair and Elle to The Times. WY’s longstanding team offers advice and  non-surgical treatments to maintain optimum skin and overall health. 

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