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The Importance of De-Stressing Your Skin

Whether you’re busy with work or dealing with difficult relationships, you probably notice when stress is taking a toll on your emotional health.

But how does stress affect your skin? A recent survey shows that almost 30% of women believe stress and anxiety is the most significant cause of their ageing skin. Here, the aesthetic team at WY explains the science connecting stress to the skin’s appearance and discusses how to calm your body and your mind, for skin which glows from within.

Science, Stress and the Skin

We know that environmental factors like sun damage and lifestyle choices such as diet play a role in skin health, but there is also emerging research demonstrating that psychological stress is a factor in skin ageing. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and scientists have begun to identify the particular nerves and cells which connect it to the brain and allow for the transmission of stress hormones.

When we are stressed, there are a number of ways our body responds that affect the skin. For one, the brain triggers the release of adrenaline, which contributes to the ‘fight or flight’ response and can lead to decreased blood flow to the skin, altered immune and inflammation functions and changes in collagen production. Stress is also known to exacerbate skin problems like acne and psoriasis, and long-term chronic stress has even been shown to stimulate DNA damage and prevent DNA from repairing itself, which could have serious consequences for the skin.

How to Deal with Stress for Better Skin

With all of this research bringing the connection between stress and the skin to light, you’re probably wondering what you can do to save your sanity and your skin simultaneously. The key to de-stressing your skin starts with your mental health – by practising strategies to calm your mind, you can set yourself up for healthy skin.

Though it may seem intuitive, it’s very important that you get enough sleep. Studies reveal that chronic poor sleepers show increased signs of ageing and are less happy with their appearance than people who get adequate high-quality sleep. Plus, who doesn’t feel more relaxed after a nap?

Practising a healthy lifestyle is also key – this means eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and not smoking. These factors have direct effects on the skin, but they’ll also help keep your stress levels low.

The way in which we deal with stress has a significant impact on our physical and emotional well being. Our breathing is a guaranteed constant in our lives, and it is this to which we should turn when we are experiencing anxiety. Whilst it may feel difficult to do so, taking time out for yourself is essential – whether it be 5 minutes of silence through meditating, breathing, journaling or being in some form of nature.

Our priority at WY, is ensuring our clients receive a holistic experience, ensuring they leave feeling relaxed and nurtured, meaning they don’t just benefit from a rejuvenated appearance, but also from a boost to their wellbeing.

Furthermore, we take a bespoke approach to aesthetics, meaning that your treatment plan is always expertly tailored to suit your unique needs. We address each of your concerns and ensure that your treatment fulfils your desires. Ultimately, we believe that aesthetic treatments should improve both your outlook and your appearance, so your sparkling skin matches your serene state of mind.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our treatments can de-stress your skin, or you’d like to discuss another aesthetic concern, book an appointment with one of our aesthetic doctors today. We look forward to meeting you.

Waterhouse Young is one of London’s first medical aesthetic clinics, founded by renowned cosmetic surgeon, Norman Waterhouse – former President of the BAAPS. Based in the Harley Street medical district, WY contributes regularly to the media, from Vogue, Tatler, Vanity Fair and Elle to The Times. WY’s longstanding team offers advice and  non-surgical treatments to maintain optimum skin and overall health. 

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