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‘Tweaked, not tucked’—Is Invasive Surgery On Its Way Out?

Like interior design, music and fashion, trends in aesthetics come and go—and as in other trends, changes in aesthetic practises reflect people’s changing needs and desires.

In the past, invasive surgeries were incredibly popular, as many people hoped to change their appearance through more noticeable procedures like nose reshaping and facelifts. But now, non-invasive procedures are gaining prominence, and these ‘tweakments’ focus on more understated changes. Here, Waterhouse Young takes a closer look at the ‘tweaked, not tucked’ movement and how non-invasive surgery can provide effective, subtle results.

report from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons explains that the past few years have seen a shift from invasive plastic surgery to what they dub ‘tweakments’. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s statistics for 2016 are in agreement and it’s interesting to see that for the first time, the number of facelifts has decreased year on year.  As expected, the number of Botox and dermal filler procedures continue to rise steadily but what really stands out are the number of skin tightening treatments which have significantly increased.

The popularity of non-invasive aesthetic treatments is clearly growing, but what is causing this shift? The technology of non-surgical treatments is advancing all of the time, giving us more choice, more effective results and safer treatment profiles with less downtime.  Never has there been such a toolbox to help correct the signs of ageing.

Consumers are far wiser too and they are starting to look after their appearance at a much younger age.  The focus now is prevention and the savviest of all will be starting to look at how they can care for their skin to prolong the need for corrective measures, both non-surgical and surgical. Collagen and elastin production starts to slow down after the age of 25; hyaluronic acid molecules keep our skin plump and hydrated, but they deplete over time. This means that any skincare product or treatment to help stimulate and restore are well worth investigating.

In addition, the desire for gradual results, with a subtle and natural look is no doubt a key factor in the rising numbers of non-surgical procedures. Non-invasive aesthetic treatments can make a huge difference without dramatically changing the way you look.  Rejuvenating your skin to optimise skin health results in a brighter, tighter and more youthful appearance which will have your friends guessing where that sparkle has come from.

However, the rising prevalence of aesthetic treatments does not mean that invasive surgery is becoming obsolete. Instead, clients are developing more awareness of the technology in the aesthetic field, and are learning that they have a choice.  For some, non-invasive treatments can give them the results they are looking for. Likewise, clients are realising which concerns invasive operations are most suitable for, and under certain circumstances, surgery may be the best option.

At Waterhouse Young, we believe that aesthetic treatments should be tailored to the individual needs of each and every client. First, we get to know you and understand your desired results through an in-depth consultation. Then, we shape a treatment plan bespoke to you using a holistic approach. We understand that a daily skincare routine, injectables and other aesthetic treatments can all play a part in this plan, and we address each of your concerns to give you a naturally younger-looking appearance without surgery. Book an appointment with one of our experienced aesthetic doctors today to see how non-invasive aesthetic treatments can improve your skin health, reduce signs of ageing or add definition to your face – whatever your goal, we can help you.

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