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What does digital skin analysis do?

How do we get best results for your skin? This genius of a machine is a tool our aesthetic doctors use to not only assess the condition of your skin to date but to pre-empt any future issues and select the optimum treatments or skincare.

Whether you’re considering dermal fillers, skin boosters or simply a medifacial, Visia will help you to better understand your skin and what it would benefit from.

Not only is Visia the gold-⁣standard in skin imaging, but it enables us to see deep down into your dermis: from oil production and sun damage to⁣ underlying redness. Which means not only can we prescribe the right treatment for you and your skin – but, with regular⁣ check-ins (if you need them), we can also keep tabs on it, ensuring that it’s behaving as it should.

Visia is our first port of call in a consultation for good reason!

To book a consultation – in clinic or virtual – please get in touch or call us on 020 7486 3849.

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