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What is hyperhidrosis & how can you treat it?

Do you struggle with excessive sweating? ‘Hyperhidrosis’ is a very common problem, affecting men and women equally, but isn’t talked about very often.

Sweating serves a very important purpose – controlling body temperature, especially during exercise and in hot climates – and is a normal response to a rise in temperature or anxiety.

However, for 1% of the population, the sympathetic nervous system that controls sweating goes into overdrive, leading to excessive sweating i.e. hyperhidrosis.

It basically means that you sweat excessively at inappropriate times, far more than what your body needs to control its temperature.

Many people live with the frustrating effects of hyperhidrosis for years – these might be damp / marked clothing & shoes or clammy hands, making people self-conscious (particularly in early dating situations) and potentially making even handling everyday items tricky.

You don’t need to suffer with this issue if it’s causing you distress – do contact us if you’d like and we’ll be happy to discuss treatment options.

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