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When should you start with anti-ageing skin care?

At what age should you start using taking ‘proper’ care of your skin? From conception – or before – parents research what is most beneficial for babies (from nutrition to how best to develop baby brains), including how to care for their skin from birth. So things start well.

Unless you go on to struggle with teenage acne, though, you can easily make it into your 20s without really considering (or needing to consider) what best suits your skin. By then, there’s a good chance you’ll start to try out skincare brands and ascertain which give you the best results. You might also start to have the occasional facial.

Collagen starts to diminish from your early 20s and external factors such as UV rays are starting to make their mark but you can easily – and rightfully! – progress through your 20s enjoying pretty good skin with minimal effort and not paying it much attention. So far so good (unless you’ve had some skin issues which have required treatment).

And so to your 30s – a great age but often the time when people start to notice subtle changes like fine lines around the eyes. Nothing dramatic or troubling but enough to prompt people into incorporating daily SPF into their skincare routine, comparing notes with friends on their skincare routines, possibly splurging a bit more on a more expensive moisturiser.

It’s at this point – or often later – when people contact teams like ours, asking if it’s too late to wind back the clock or to at least conserve the decent skin they currently possess.

And no – it’s never too late! Great skin health starts at whatever stage you’re at. Whether that’s simply adapting your skincare routine or adding a few well chosen treatments to tackle any issues which challenge you. If you have questions, reach out – we’re always happy to help.

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