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What Is “Baby Botox”? The New Trend In Injectables

Nowadays, we see countless cosmetic surgeries and treatments grow in popularity practically overnight. The latest trend we’re seeing, however, is ‘Baby Botox’ which we would like to clarify, doesn’t involve babies!

With many expecting this new trend to revolutionise the world of injectables, we are going to take a closer look at just what this treatment involves, to better determine whether we should jump on this new beauty bandwagon.

What Is ‘Baby Botox’?

What puts the ‘baby’ in the ‘Botox’ is the lower volume of chemicals that are used. Compared to the amount of botulinum toxin that is used in a traditional Botox injection. This allows patients to still have fine lines and wrinkles smoothened out, but without being left with a frozen look to their face. What’s more, ‘Baby Botox’, is more in reference to the technique of how it is injected into the skin. By being more precise, you can use a lower dosage, creating a more natural look and reducing the chance of your facial features appearing frozen.

What Is ‘Baby Botox’ Used For?

Due to ‘Baby Botox’ having a more subtle nature, many are hoping that the injectables will be able to prevent fine lines on their face without committing to the traditional treatment. However, this would mean starting treatment as early as your 20’s. By preventing wrinkles before they develop, ‘Baby Botox’ can hopefully manipulate the way in which our facial muscles move and reduce wrinkles.

Is ‘Baby Botox’ Cheaper?

Although ‘Baby Botox’ is cheaper than traditional Botox, it does depend on which clinic you choose for the treatment. There are a lot of places that charge per area that they inject, instead of how much Botox they actually use. However, don’t automatically opt for the cheapest option. Making sure you have a fully qualified practitioner administering the injections is a must, so make sure to do your research thoroughly.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of ‘Baby Botox’?

With everything comes disadvantages, and ‘Baby Botox’ is no different. With this treatment, you are likely to need more top-ups, instead of the usual 3-6 months that is required for standard Botox.

The limited downtime, however, makes this the ideal procedure for those that want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles without looking unnatural and at an affordable price, this is definitely a procedure for those that want to maintain that youthful glow.

Are Any Special Techniques Used?

The technique used to administrate ‘Baby Botox’ is the same for standard Botox, except that there is more movement present for ‘Baby Botox’. Due to the smaller dosage of botox with every injection, it needs to be more precise to ensure that it is injected within the required places.

Hopefully, this has given you a deeper insight into what ‘Baby Botox’ is and you can decide whether you want these new trending injectables or not to help you maintain that youthful look. For further information about ‘Baby Botox’, don’t hesitate to contact us, today.

Waterhouse Young is one of London’s first medical aesthetic clinics, founded by renowned cosmetic surgeon, Norman Waterhouse – former President of the BAAPS. Based in the Harley Street medical district, WY contributes regularly to the media, from Vogue, Tatler, Vanity Fair and Elle to The Times. WY’s longstanding team offers advice and  non-surgical treatments to maintain optimum skin and overall health. 

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